Rates & Payment

Psychotherapy is a long term investment
in your quality of life.

How much will therapy cost?

Therapy is an investment in your overall health and well-being, as such it is an investment in your present and future. The charge for psychotherapy services should be based on the therapist's years of experience, the nature of professional experience, and the level of education and training. 

The charge for psychotherapy services at Living Springs is $200.00 per 50-minute session. Couple therapy often involves an extended 75-minute session at 1.5 times the fee for individual therapy.

Does insurance cover therapy?

While we are not on any health insurance panels and don't accept insurance as payment, sometimes, your health plan will cover out of network providers. If you have health insurance that covers outpatient mental health services and if you have coverage for out-of-network providers, and your insurance determines that therapy is a medical necessity (for example, for depression or anxiety disorders), your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of the fee. Please note, in order for therapy to be medically necessary it means you will already have (or be given) a legitimate diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition).

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (MHPAEA) If your insurance provides these services, the parity law states they are required to reimburse you in the same manner that they do for non-mental health issues. See the U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet for more information: http://www.dol.gov/ebsa/newsroom/fsmhpaea.html

You need to check with your own insurance company to determine if you will be reimbursed for services for out of network providers. It is best to call them directly before your appointment.

They may ask you a few important questions to make that decision. For example:

  • The name, degree, and license number of the therapist you will be seeing. All of this information is located on the left of this page.
  • The CPT code your therapist will use. This refers to the “current procedural terminology” code. In other words what procedure are we billing for? Most often we use 90834 or 90837 for individual therapy, or 90847 for couples or family therapy
  • The zip code where we practice: 91326

Will you bill my insurance for me?

If you choose to bill your insurance for our services, we will provide you with a statement with all the information needed to submit to your insurance company. Usually we provide this for you once a month.


Payments can be made to Living Springs Psychotherapeutic Services using your Credit Card or PayPal account.

The charge for one session (individual, couple, or family [50 minutes]) is $200.00 
The charge for 1.5 sessions (individual, couple, or family [75 minutes) is $300.00.
The charge for a double session (individual, couple, or family) [100 minutes]) is $400.00.

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