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Bringing Hope, Healing, and Wholeness to the World

One Person at a Time

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Imagine waking up each day
with renewed hope,
knowing that healing is happening,
and wholeness is more than just a possibility.

Imagine a better world for you and your loved ones.

You can create the best life imaginable.
We can help.


It is this hope that each therapist at Living Springs brings to their therapy with individuals, couples, and families.

We live in an exciting time in the convergence of neuroscience and psychology. Applying this dynamic area of research to the therapeutic relationship has the potential to produce life-changing results in those engaged in the process. We now know that relationships and experiences have the potential to change the neuronal connections of the brain. Healthy attachment relationships of all kinds are essential for well-being. Even a healthy attachment with your therapist provides a secure-base from which you can safely explore the inner world of your thoughts and feelings and be expansive to pursue the outer world of your hopes and dreams.

Among these pages you will find information about who we are, our specialized training and background, and the various services we offer. We invite you to sit down and browse a while.

Most of all, it is our desire that you will find help for whatever you need.

With anticipation,

Scott Williams and Wendy Hill Williams

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